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The Hermetic Web Ring - This webring is open to sites promoting the Western Mystery Tradition in its many forms and various paths: Qabalah, Herm

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The Hermetic Web Ring

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Manager: veritas66
This webring is open to sites promoting the Western Mystery Tradition in its many forms and various paths: Qabalah, Hermeticism, Egyptian Magic, Ogdoadic traditions, Golden Dawn, Rosicrucianism, Gnosticism, Alchemy, Thelema, Astrology, Enochian, Greco-Roman traditions, Neoplatonism, Martinism, Esoteric Masonry, Celtic, Grail Mysteries.

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Collegium Ad Spiritum Sanctum
There are no human teachers in this College, for all human beings are Neophytes here. The only teachers in the College of the Holy Spirit are the Higher and Divine Powers which work in the invisible realms for the good of mankind, in their own mysterious ways.
Soror LSI's Esoteric Reflections
This site consists of the musings from a lifelong student and practitioner of esotericism, including various forms of mysticism and magic, primarily in the Western Esoteric Tradition.
A Fool's Journey
I'm just a fool on a journey seeking after Gnosis. I share my tarot readings,quotes from my favorite Gnostic gospels,my insights,and my dreams. I'm still very much learning. Come learn with me.
Dreaming at the Feet of Hades
A repository of writings by a student of the occult and of traditional witchcraft, describing adventures and offering commentary on various esoteric topics.
Outskirts Press - Enochian Initiation
This is the site of Frater W.I.T.'s book, "Enochian Initiation." Five years of evocatory visions on par with Aleister Crowley's visions of the Thirty Aethyrs are chronicled, along with appendices detailing magical rituals and formulae used as well as extensive endnotes. The vast universe of the angels of the Watchtowers is revealed in awesome detail by these transcendent vi

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