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Hello all,
for those who like to have a bit more information on the RingMaster himself I'll provide some little facts.
Born in January, 1957, now located at Berlin, Germany, self-employed.
I've enhanced one of my hobbies - internet communities - a bit by managing some rings in the WebRing system.
I saw all the movings and changes during the time and now I'm really happy that there has come back a sort of peace herein.
My highest score will be to hold all 'my' communities (surely they all are OURS) alive by managing carefully and inconspicious. I'll provide a few hints for those who are unfamiliar with the system, maybe some in foreign languages (just now: german, french, upcoming: turkish).
Meanwhile I hope all my ring members are patient enough for waiting therefore - and for completing this little page.
Before submitting your page(s), please have a very close look to it and the ring you want to join:
Are you sure to have the correct, properly working navigation bar code on it ?
Are you sure that the content of your site is really appropriate to the ring's theme (visit some of the member's pages to have a look) ?
Are you sure that the submitted page with its content is on your own rights and responsability (I will not process 'portal-only sites' without any further content than linking to portals of which you definitely aren't the owner or member of the staff of the owner. If there should be enough request for building a ring on this issue, feel free to contact me!)?
Are you sure to have a valid (best: a ring system verified one, please look on your own 'Account' page for the procedure, it really takes only a few seconds) email address, so that I am able to answer to your requests ?
Regarding these few rules and hints will make my work for you better and faster - most of the pages submitted are processed on the same, lately the next day. If not, you should have got an automatted email (suspension message) from webring system showing any mistake whilst submission.
BTW: If you have any questions or proposals, they will be very welcome to make our rings better and faster.
Anytime, feel free to contact me directly for any assistance by using the 'Contact Ringmaster' link in the Member Tools section on the hub pages or use the 'Forum' section of each ring I'm managing.
With best regards,


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