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Anime Guys Ring - This is the very first webring solely dedicated to the Guys from Japanese Anime shows!  Whether they be good guys o

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Anime Guys Ring

Manager: noriko
The Guys of Anime Web Ring is a unique list of sites that link up all pages that have a shrine, picture gallery, or anything that's dedicated the the often forgotten men of japanese animation.

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A-Chan's Shrine To Zangulus fictitious 09/10/1999 (1 posts) Konnichi wa, minna-   more
Jon's Hwoarang and Tekken Page um_12122 04/24/1999 (1 posts) This page is dedicate   more
Naru-Tube erich_197 01/01/2011 (1 posts) Naruto Fan Site - forum   more
The Ice Cream Revolution - A Rukawa-Uke Shrine rukawa_uke 04/05/2002 (1 posts) A shrine to Kaede Ru   more
Shrine of Flame (Dilandau's Lair) dil384 07/19/2004 (1 posts) Who's our f   more
Sakib Era marisu 02/01/2006 (1 posts) A place for beautiful art   more
The Gundam Boys: off duty setzer_2001 07/05/2000 (1 posts) Humour from our two   more
The Mousse Mini-Shrine fictitious 07/16/2003 (1 posts) A small shrine to M   more
mr. president: the minazuki yamato gallery diopside 07/26/2004 (1 posts) Image gallery of Minaz   more
Under the Moon of Pars ishtar115 11/24/2002 (1 posts) Site dedicated to Nar   more
Rested for Some time meanne77 05/29/2003 (1 posts) *Gundam Wing* Fics (fr   more
Tamahome no Miko's Tamahome Shrine fictitious 03/15/1998 (1 posts) A shrine to the gre   more
The Tamahome Shrine um_62 06/12/2011 (1 posts) image gallery, images fo   more
Got Milk? A Miroku Shrine xminachan 02/18/2002 (1 posts) This is a site dedica   more
Crystal Eternity nanoko 08/11/2008 (1 posts) At Crystal Eternity, you&#   more
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