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Children's Books and Literature - Children's Books and Literature, both old and new, written especially for young people, including series books. Here you

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Children's Books and Literature

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The Children's Books and Literature Forum is a place where members of all ages can share their experiences with Children's Books and Literature. Reviews, Recommended Reading, Personal experiences, Successes, Personal comments. Speak out about a topic that most definitely affects humankinds' most precious resource.

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I am 63 years old and when I - 04/24/2012
I am 63 years old and when I was about 6 or 7 my grandmother had a little blue bound book about an old couple and a baby that came to live with them - I though it was called the littlest angel but all the books I have found about a little angel are not the right one - I remember the illustrations were very unusual - if anyone knows this book - I would love to the know the name of it - my brother and sister and I would dropped off at my grandmothers for 3 years and that book brought me such comfort for some reason and I would love to find it. 

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