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BEL ART IMAGINATIONS - BEL ART PROJECT - The BEL ART IMAGINATIONS RING gives the artist the opportunity to show their work and allow access to

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The Ring of Artistic Flames gives the artist the opportunity to show their work and allow access to others with the same interest as them. Poetry, computers, pencils, inks, paints and words - any medium.

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I'm liking it here. - 06/20/2012
Today is a Wednesday. No sooner is it Tuesday than the week starts to end. Everything changed when I retired. The job seems almost to never to have been. Dreading Monday's doesn't happen anymore. There isn't quite a real weekend without working. It's just days and I wish it were slower. Even with the aches, pains, and necessity of exercise, this is the best time of my life. I don't have to see anyone I don't choose; I don't answer to anyone. I can bum around all day. I go to sleep in the first wee hour and get up at noon. I read for hour at night or I don't. I see some of my old colleagues from work and could tell them to go fuck themselves (but I'm not so angry anymore.) I have the leisure now to reflect on my feelings. I won the lottery in a lot of ways. I was smart enough to earn a scholarship to college and to go to the Pennsylvania academy of fine arts. That was the best school for painting. To be able to paint is in itself a gift....

I'm liking it here.

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