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BEL ART IMAGINATIONS - BEL ART PROJECT - The BEL ART IMAGINATIONS RING gives the artist the opportunity to show their work and allow access to

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The Ring of Artistic Flames gives the artist the opportunity to show their work and allow access to others with the same interest as them. Poetry, computers, pencils, inks, paints and words - any medium.

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Coping With the 'Art World' In Suburbia - 11/02/2012

I think the Art Alliance down here is going to "green light" my applying next year. My friend, the psychic told me about the "green light" but that I wouldn't like the conditions.  Today, I ran into one of the head guys there who told me the committee had made their decisions but he told me nothing more.  So...I'm assuming the news won't be what I want.  I assume he would have hinted if the answer were positive.  So I'm upset. I'll get over it possibly by tomorrow. Or maybe the next day, but pretty soon.  It was a crap shoot in so many ways. So few openings and so many artists applying.  The committee is not "professional". I've seen some of their picks and they're not always good.  (The present show is an example. Their winners are the worst, literally and I'm not exaggerating.) It's sad, but that's how the Art world is. It is very much who you know and their personal taste plus what sells.  Eit...

Coping With the "Art World" In Suburbia

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