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BEL ART IMAGINATIONS - BEL ART PROJECT - The BEL ART IMAGINATIONS RING gives the artist the opportunity to show their work and allow access to

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Manager: manuel
The Ring of Artistic Flames gives the artist the opportunity to show their work and allow access to others with the same interest as them. Poetry, computers, pencils, inks, paints and words - any medium.

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My Life Now and..... - 10/31/2012

Tonight is tough. I've always felt weird, I thought I didn't fit in. I thought, if I just be myself, people won't like me, or God knows what. I don't know. It's not unusual, I realize that. I grew up with classy parents in a greed-driven dress-for- I success neighborhood.  It was a bad fit. I faded into the background, driven by fear.  Yeah, there were lots of crazy things going on and we'd moved from a neighborhood where I felt accepted and had friends.  In the "new" neighborhood, I was quiet, so shy.  I didn't speak up, didn't want to be at school, didn't really want to be at home.  And I was angry at everyone.  No one tried to draw me in, I was very alone in a Alice in Wonderland household. I got out at sixteen, kidnapping a sweet young boy and having a baby.  Not a good choice for the time, but it worked out well for both of us as time went on. I earned a scholarship and earned college degrees and ...

My Life Now and.....

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